We are will be working hard to get you all in, in a timely fashion~


We are excited to introduce Kassie Michalak to our team as a customer scheduler/controller~


Here are the updated rules:



We have added air purifiers to help keep us all safe!

Mask mandate in West Boylston


If you would like us to wear a mask during your haircut, please let us know!

If you or a loved one come down with COVID or COVID like symptoms, we ask you to please cancel and wait the mandatory 2 weeks before rebooking. This is for the safety of our staff and clients.


Barbers will be wearing appropriate PPE


Sanitation/sterilization is done after each client


New capes will be used per person


We will be taking Names/Addresses/Phone numbers to support contact tracing

Children 13 and older are asked to come in by themselves

(unless it’s necessary to have adult present)


Everyone must check in with Kassie~


Date Posted: 10/8/21

Appointments via:


Call 774-261-8696

Text 774-452-3721